Years ago, in my youth, when the earth was cooling and puppies were the oldest animals, I worked with a gentleman who had pithy quotes and advice for every occasion. One day I greeted him with, "what's new". He replied, "don't ask what's new, ask what's better."

After almost two decades I've waved goodbye to the TRU Digital Art & Design program and I am excited to find myself in TRUOL working with Brian Lamb where, amongst other things, we examine the new to see if it's better (or at least good).

Update: January 2017. I'm coming up on 2 years in May in my new home. And it does feel like a home. TRU Open Learning is a very special workplace. The people are super nice, crazy smart, interesting, and work tremendously together as a team. In the past I had studied what are called "high functioning teams" in the literature with the feeling that I may never actually see one "in the wild". I've now not only seen one, but I have the extreme pleasure of being part of one.

I'm using this little corner of the web to do a few things:

  • display some of the projects I've had the pleasure of being part of;
  • begin compiling a collection of resources that will hopefully be of use to others;
  • blog about ideas, tools, methods and explorations on various topics that revolve around learning innovation, design and technology;
  • and then sometimes I'll just be … well … blowin’ smoke.

Recent blog posts

Myscript Stylus

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This app profile was scribbled out by Troy Welch with inspiration, advice and consultation from Brian Lamb What is it? I don’t know if it is just me and my stubby fingers, but... READ MORE

Cloud Computing

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“…it’s cloud illusions I recall…” The “Cloud” has become a staple of everyday computing. We can store our documents in the cloud, create content in the cloud and use a variety of cloud... READ MORE

Blogus Interruptus

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Not sure where that half a year went. My joining Brian Lamb in the TRUOL Innovations dept. was a fairly unusual recruiting process. I’ll forgoe the details for the pub, but he needed... READ MORE

WordPress & Microsoft Word

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I know they both have the letters “word” in them, but can WordPress and Microsoft Word really work together somehow? Recently I discovered not one but two ways that MS Word can be... READ MORE

Stock (free) Images & Clip Art

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The following sites are places you can get artwork and images for free. Be sure to check the terms of use, Some of them require a credit line or other type of attribution.... READ MORE